Heaven is here

We live at the end of human history.

Certainly, every end is a new beginning, like at a childbirth, like passing to the spirit world, our eternal homeland.

We are here to develop our character with ceaseless deeds for others’ benefits.

Living for the sake of others.

We are living in the most precious era ever in God’s Providence, when we can breathe the air together with the living Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, the King of Kings, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind.

Meeting the Messiah up to a lot of things, starting with our good ancestors, and absolutely good spirits, the good spirit world, the way how we conduct our life, and so on.

However, what we do with this Truth is up to us.

We are responsible to change and transform the world.  Starting in ourselves, establishing a Godlike give-and-take action between our mind and body, centered on True Love, and reflecting it to our spouse, children, family, neighborhood, society, nation, country and world, to the entire Universe. Like cells, we must connect and live for each other, creating organs and a whole body.

We know from physics, mathematics, biology, and all the sciences, the ultimate big is the ultimate small, and the ultimate small is the ultimate big.

We just discover the nature and characteristics, the mysteries of the life, this Blessed Planet, the Universe, our existence, towards to the Absolute Being, called in any name in the Earth, Heavenly Father.

What we do now is more important.

We have no choices. We are linked to the fallen human history through our blood-lineage, and we must finish restoration, started unimaginably long time ago, causing inexpressible, indescribable suffering, pain and grief to our Parent, our Eternal Father and Mother, God

Still, he is with us, and lives for us, each of us, for our children, and our family, our well-being, worrying and loving carefully in each and every moment of his eternal existence.

He is omnipotent, omniscient, eternal and living character the same way.

He is like us.

He loves us.

But he will never be able to break the rules of the Creation, created by him.

Only because of us.

He wants, desires, longs us to inherit his Creation, growing into matured co-creators. That’s why, he gave us human responsibility, to all of us. Each of us. Everything is growing automatically in this world, even our body, except our heart and mind. It has to be guided by our consciousness to lead us grown up, matured, responsible, Godlike beings. Sons and daughters of him. This is not just an utopia, this is not just a dream. This is not foolish or crazy. This is the most serious and important thing ever in our life, in our ancestors’ life, in our descendants’ life. Nothing is more important than this.

What we do is up to us.

Meeting the Living Messiah, the Embodiment of our Eternal Parent, Heavenly Father is the greatest Heavenly Fortune has ever could happened to us.

What we do now is up to us.

Heaven is here.

We must live it.

SMM Quotes – 09

If you quiet yourself and focus your mind, there is a place deep down where the mind is able to settle. You need to let your mind go to that place. When you put your mind in that place and go to sleep, then when you awake you will be extremely sensitive. That is the moment when you should turn away all extraneous thoughts and focus your consciousness. Then you will be able to communicate with everything. – Sun Myung Moon

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