Life and death

What is the difference between life and death?
Decided in the time of agony.
Suffering, pain, grief, sorrow – parts of our nature. Sometimes, they are so deeply engraved into our bone marrow, we live like it was natural. Grief, sorrow, pain, agony became our blood cells.

We receive, inherit and we cause, pass them on. The result is the same, historical cycle – accepted sorrow, pain, agony and grief. Routine, day by day, our comfort zone in the life, at least we got used to them…

Nature gives sunshine, and also time for growing at night. We are woken up by nightingale songs in the dawn, having a promise to be cared of. The upcoming day is always a fresh start for a humble repentance, a relieved breath, a joyful smile, a hopeful heart. Our Heavenly Parent is waiting for each and every of us, with the greatest gifts of the world!

We, as humans, are part of the Universe. We are all the part of it, and its elements can be found in us. We are all the same world, with the same differences.

We clearly can find happiness, joy, gratitude, sensitivity in our body, these are also our blood cells, these are also in our bone marrow.

And God knows this. He wants to relate us through positive thinking, heartfelt attitude, sincerity, devotion, joy, laugh, fun, beauty – passing through all of our senses. This is how He wants us to be alive, this is the way how He embraces us when we need so.

In every single minute, He wants to Live with and by Us.

Prayer on temptations

As I can see, I am tempted. Again, ceaselessly. The ‘passed’ and ‘gone’ were easy thoughts. Oh, guide me, Father! Let me be able, help me to be able to see as you do, to feel as you feel, to act as your heart suggests! In this silent prayer you know my cry, You know it all too well… How could I help you, Father? I am speechless. Like you. So many things just happened to you in all these years we know each other and beyond memories, you endured the pain and sorrow, you survived the grief, agony. Father! You have lost more than I ever had. Your children denied you… You were abandoned, still you kept on trying to rescue all of us in the history, you have never wanted to leave anyone behind… you are great, Father! You are truly great!…

…and where do I go? Sinking in my own troubles, the never-ending storm in the sea of life… You taught me not to be afraid in front of the waves, you still stand beside me to catch me if I fall…when I fall…

Father! You have always been near, caring of my beloved ones, caring of me…

You have never fallen asleep, you protected me, but I failed during the vigils, fasts and prayers. You conduct an exemplary life with such an attitude – how far I am.

You are with me even I do not let you, you never abandon me, even I do it so, with you…

I want to serve your trust, I want to live with you, reborn always in your bosom!

It’s not the glory, it’s hardly the holy, somewhere away. It’s You, Your Blessing, Your Mercy, Your Grace.

I just want to live with you, offering a shelter in me.

Father! You don’t need to go away, anymore! You are home with me!

Let me be able to say this for you one day…

Thank You, Father!

Thank you!

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