God and humans

Wherever humans are, God is with them. He goes all day long from the early morning until the late night and watches their sleep. He is with the newborn baby, helping the first breath, He is with the elderly ones, easing their pass away. He is at the decisions, with a clear sight, when the failures and successes are, at the meals and in the bathroom, in the nature during a walk, in a loveful moment and in the tears. Every work what humans do can be with Him, every kiss can represent Him. He is never away, never far and not only with others… He is with every human being.

You, me, each and every one of us.

It matters

It matters who we are. It does matter. We are who we think we are. Our deeds are imperfect, however no-one can judge us, since nobody is a completed person, only our Heavenly Parent and His true sons and daughters have a perfected character. We cannot claim we are like Jesus, if we really look at our thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitude, viewpoint and what we do, how we talk, we cannot compare ourselves for saying we are the Savior. Our happiness, the joyful time passes with the time, showing our imperfection. And yet, humbleness is not slavery. We are destined to resemble to God, our Heavenly Parent. Paths we choose depend on us, taking longer or shorter time of our life. At the end, we will all arrive to the bosom of God. Eternal happiness, eternal joy, eternal love – eternal life. It matters who we are, it does. Everything starts with our thoughts, our way of thinking.

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