The unchanging quality of love

The love between parents and children is closer to the qualification of the truth that is, unchanging and everlasting than the love between husband and wife. And in that love between the parents and children, the love going from the parent to the child is much closer to that quality of truth than the love going from the child to the parent. The love going from the parent to child is the trunk line of love, the central point which does not change from age to age. In order to become a recipient of this unchanging love of the parent, the child should also become a person who can give unchanging love. His love will be manifested in the form of obedience to his parents. If the child has a willing heart of voluntary obedience to his parents, then the parents and child can be united.

Can true love be found through money or organization? No, but we can find true love through obedience to and harmony with our parents. Distrust and division are the opposite of harmony and unity, and make it impossible to create a base of love. The most important truth in this universe is that God is the parent of mankind, and that Adam and Eve were the children of God. This most important relationship did not come alive for humanity. What should happen in order to have that true love come into being? God’s children must become obedient and unite with Him.

There is only one way that children can become one with their parents: in willing obedience to them. Did Adam and Eve obey God? By their disobedience their relationship with God was destroyed. Before anything else, we must restore mankind’s obedience to our parent, God. To restore all the destruction and the fallen actions of mankind a movement of unprecedented obedience to God, one that can bring unity between God and men, must come about. That is a prerequisite to fulfilling the love of God and the love of man. Once you become one with God by obedience, He becomes yours and you become His. God becomes you and you become God through the explosive power of love.

This same principle applies between husband and wife; they should always be saying yes to each other. If a suggestion comes from her husband then the wife should answer yes. If a suggestion comes from his wife, the husband should answer yes. Will that bring them into unity or not? Through that harmony will their love disappear or be intensified? Should men, women, or love be the central point? Love must be the center. Nobody can deny this logic.

The Blessing
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 20, 1977

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