A Man Must Live for Something Greater than Himself

If you insist that your family exists for you, the society exists for your sake, your nation exists for your benefit, and the world exists for you, your own direction will be destroyed.

You should put out a feeler to your conscience quietly. Then, you should listen to what it would say. When you see a poor person while walking the street, you should hear what your conscience would tell you. What kind of connection should I have with this person? Suppose, you met someone that you would never imagine meeting, nor would your ancestors in the last several thousands of years have ever thought of meeting. When you see the poor person who is hungry, your conscience tells you, “Give all your money in your wallet to this man.” Even if you have only three hundred won in your wallet, your conscience tells you to share some of it with him.

Then, you would give one hundred won to this person with the result that you now only have two hundred won in your pocket. Then, you continue to walk the street; you encounter someone even more miserable than the person you just saw. Immediately, your conscience shouts, “Help this man.” You follow the voice of the conscience and give this man one hundred won. After that, you meet another person who is more miserable than the previous two. Then, your conscience orders you, “give all you have left.” Following the conscience, you give the rest of the money in your wallet. You are now penniless. Again, you face another miserable person. Your conscience orders you saying, “at least, you should clothe the man with the clothing that you wear. So, you should take off your clothing and give them to him.” This is the nature of the conscience.

One day, you may be proud that you did something good once. However, your conscience would grumble to you. Your conscience would never praise you for that by saying, “You succeeded by doing good deeds and reached your goals. So, you don’t need to do any more. Just enjoy, and cheer ‘Mansei’ for yourself or sing a song of a hero’s welcome.” On the contrary, it would not let you be idle. Your heart continues prodding you, saying, “Do something. Do it now. Act now.” It reminds you to continue doing good deeds. There is no end for the conscience in doing good deeds. This is the world of the heart.

Then, does your conscience push you to do good just for your friends that you love? It does not. Your heart commands that you love your family and environment, live for the sake of your country, and live for the world. By engaging in give and take, you will create a reciprocal basis. Based on the public principle of Heaven and earth, if you engage in the good give and take action, whatever you give out at this time will remain even after billions of years. This is why people always speak about charity. People everywhere and throughout history have been teaching the principles of such cause and effect. Christianity teaches love and charity. Buddhism edifies benevolence and mercy.

What the religions have been teaching is that you should first sacrifice yourself in order to serve others. For whom should you make such a sacrifice? It is not for your own sake. But, you do it for something greater than yourself.

Let’s look at the life of Jesus. He was chased away wherever he went at the time. He was persecuted and hunted down; thus, Jesus was chased to the cross and passed away. However, Jesus did not try to take revenge against the enemies. Instead, he died for the sake of the enemies and the people of the world, while praying for them. Looking at this, he is different from other saints in history. Even though he died alone, he died for the sake of the world. He had his conviction that he would connect with the entire humanity and the world history in order that he could take responsibility for humankind forever. He wanted to give his own blood that he was shedding on the cross for the sake of the people of his age.

With this conviction and attitude, he was able to give his blood that he shed to humanity for thousand and tens of thousands of generations transcending history and distances. He gave it in the public place where God could recognize it. He gave from the position that God could publicly have recognized. From this meaning, he said, “It is finished.” (John 19:30) Jesus gave perfectly and was recognized by God perfectly. Since he perfectly gave and perfectly received, he can come again when the age demands his return.

He thought about the world as he was breathing his last breath on the cross. At this moment, because he held on to his connection with history and established the standard through which even God was moved to tears, Jesus was able to start a new history and was resurrected from his tomb even though he died on the cross.

At the moment when he was dying and at the place where his life and death was determined, he was almost gambling with his life, yet never lost his virtue. While looking forward to the hope that his heart aspires, he embraced the world and leaned on God as he went the path to his death. Thus, even though Jesus perished, his thought and will would reappear before tens of thousands of people. Moreover, his thought and will did not just end for the tens and thousands of people of his age. But his thought and his will became the motive that caused countless humanity throughout history to long for him as their bridegroom.

A Trunk, Bud and Spring
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 21, 1966

Virtuous Life

To live a virtuous life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example to others. That defines a virtuous way of life. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a true life. If your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life.

God is Our King and True Parent
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 8, 2001

For Heaven

A person who climbs up to the top of the mountain to shed tears -weeps for the sake of heaven- is a more serious person than one who prays for the peace of the world. In this sense Jesus’ three consecutive prayers at Gethsemane were most serious ones, more so than any other prayers. If there is such a person, then heaven cannot but embrace him and have deep concern for that person. We must know that this type of person is the hope for the entire human race. Heaven moves centering on such a person. Someone who lives for the sake of himself cannot leave a light for others. But a person who lives for the sake of the nation, the sake of the world, and the sake of heaven is able to enter into the sphere of resurrection. The only thing that remains to the end is heaven. Those who live for the sake of heaven are able to last to the end.

The Path to Gain a Victory after Being Beaten First
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1970


Experience Heaven And Hell

On your way to heaven you must expect to experience not only the heavenly side, but also the dungeons of hell; in the end, what you go through in hell will be the most precious part of God’s grace. In this way you will become strong, and in your process of maturing, you will acquire a wholesome personality that reflects God’s own personality. Then you will better appreciate heaven. Someday you will have a record you can be proud of the chronicle of your victory and perseverance. It will be your source of greatest pride.

Persevere and not react quickly or make hasty judgments. Then you can convert all your ordeals into joy and a source of pride.

Let us talk only of our victorious future and our great vision of the wondrous days to come. Let us rejoice in tears of joy for the future days which we will share together.

Reverend Hak Ja Han Moon
May 3, 1977


Witnessing should be preceded by heart; to witness you should have so strong an emotion that you become a heartistic magnet who can draw the minds of all people.

Witnessing is like creating a second self. It would be no problem if you dedicate as much heart as a mother does to nourish and care for her newborn baby.

Have you ever heard the groaning and wailing of many people trapped in the tomb of Satan? And have you ever felt righteous indignation to liberate them?

There are many who want to save good people, but few who want to raise bad and pitiful people so that they may become good and happy people. Since sinful history has lasted for 6,000 years, you must spend at least six months dedicating your heart in raising each person you have found.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 1987

Highs and Lows

We might be justified in thinking that we have high so that we can come down low, and that a narrow place exists so that we can go to a wide place. A narrow place would like to go to a broad place, and a high place to a low place, and also vice versa. If you experience this in yourself then you conclude that both places are good. You cannot think that the high is good and the low is not good at all; for example, you cannot just inhale or exhale. You take fresh air in and then let it out so you can take more in. In another instance, you need a philosophy of why things are the way they are so that you will not despise lower people.

With this point of view, every place you may find yourself is good. You can only feel this way if you have an overall philosophy; otherwise, you feel there are low and high people and dislike one or the other. That will lead you to an inharmonious attitude in life, and you will tend to look only at isolated circumstances. Low and high are actually the same.

We observe various phenomena on earth, such as low and high pressure areas; these contrasts always exist, but they are essentially one. Jesus taught that if a person would become high that he should become low. It is easiest to become low, but then you discover you cannot help but go up. If a person really tries to go down low, he will suddenly find himself up high. The Western way of thinking does not reason this way, but you will probably need this kind of thought all the rest of your life.

Our Tradition
Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
June 15, 1980

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