Music and Art: Bridges for Life

Music and Art are expressions of heart and soul and also the key to reach out humanity, resonate together with people around.

Certainly, everything needs to be in accordance with a certain standard.

But does that mean, we need to dance ballet and sing hymns, ode to joy only?

In our characteristics we find a variety, as we are from Heavenly Parent.

In the ideal world -what we can not even really imagine in the lack of knowledge and heart-, we will laugh, we will joy and we will have fun and will have silence in our heart, too.

However, in the era of transformation we still have other feelings, we do not know we will have in Heaven, but all in all, we are like this now.

Can a song be sarcastic, ironic, political, radical, dealing with social issues, harsh and demanding righteousness? Can we laugh on our own circumstances, can we give a hand to others stating we are not from a different planet? Can we lead them through unorthodox way, with less “religious” way?

What is religion? There are many explanations, and many understandings. However, religion aims to guide people back to Heaven, where we all should have been born and where we will be reborn.

And for this, we need to speak the language of the people. We need to know their customs, not to condemn them, but to love them with showing another way.

A newborn baby cannot digest hamburger, spaghetti, pizza, stew or a thanksgiving-turkey.

I am not saying, showing nudity, swearing or cursing is the way. But we need to be honest, we should not stand in a piedestal looking down or something. Our art, our music should reflect our desires, heart, love and care and it must connect to the heart and mind of the people.

Our artistic skills are like teaching, but we are not as much different, and we should not be -in a way-, at all. We are Blessed to know the Truth, we are Blessed to be called by Heaven but we cannot be haughty. We can not deny our ancestors.

We can make a difference, like bridges.

With our skills, talent, endurance this is what we need to do, linking a world we are building and a world we are leaving reachable for everyone. No man leave behind.

We are children of God. We are one family. We are responsible for each other.

We can show our care, love, attitude and perseverance throughout our daily life and with our talent, art, music.

With letting our ownselves enjoying it, accepting our heritage and our new and true life, we can help people to relate to something what they might not even know they are looking for.

Something, we call eternity. Something, we call Heaven.

Enjoy your life in Heavenly Parent!


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