There is Only a Path of Prayer

Suppose your personal power is limited to 100, how can you gain greater power than 100? Only a path of prayer will provide the power.

You may plan this way this year, and you will do that way in the next year. Of course, no one should do less than the previous year. Doing less than the previous year means you are going backward! With a new program that propels you to advance and move forward this year compared with the last year, you should determine firmly in your mind internally.

Your ability is to a certain degree determined. Therefore, in order to progress and achieve greater goals next year, you must find where you can gain greater than 100% of the power that you have. Since you are physically limited to the 100% power you have, the only way to gain greater power is through the path of prayer. The greater the plans you make, the deeper and more serious heart you must have, so that your capacity will expand accordingly. Remember that God is always with you. Should you have such an attitude internally, you can inspire your mind constantly. You must do it. If you do not, someone else must do it. So, it is of great importance in your life, how you can pioneer a way of inspiring and stimulating your mind in such a way, daily.

Sometimes, you will experience spiritually a dry time. Even though you try to pray, sometimes in your life, you cannot pray no matter how hard you try. You may try as hard as you can for a week. Maybe, such time can last for a month or even more than a half a year. In your life of faith, you must go through a time of deep struggle within yourself for a long time. But such a time is not bad. The longer you struggle to overcome such a time, the greater the amount of God’s grace that will eventually be visited upon you. Everything is relative like above-below and left-right, so God’s grace and blessings will definitely reach you.

The Original Source of Loyalty and Filial Piety
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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