Ethical behaviour

Ethic seems to be the greatest abstract standard what we tend to put onto our banners whenever we want to have a good reason to elevate our concepts into the pedestal of relative righteousness.

Superiority, what is based on others’ limited appreciation, is nothing else but arrogance, and its existential irritancy naturally blocks the path of mutual understanding, acceptance and daring to say: love.

Although, we do have concepts in every aspects of our lifespan, starting with time and space, purposes and approaches, it is undeniably true, without energy, we cannot be prosperous, vivid, achieving. Since every single being can only exist based on give and take actions when one gives, forgetting it and giving again, the other responds with acceptance and action, both are without expectations to receive anything in return, and this process, generating energy for existence and multiplication is repeated on and on, for the mutual benefit of each other, we can not let ourselves or each other to stop the flow.

What makes us to initiate a give and take action is the pure desire, love, plan and this is the same when we receive. Obviously, we are not glued into one position, we all change being giver and receiver, harmoniously in an ideal state.

The prime energy for every initiation comes from an eternal source, and that is God. He planted the ability to channel His love, life and lineage, to prosper and multiply, being prosperous in every field of life. However, we forgot this, and we got used to another source, with a different outcome. The battle in our heart, relationships and life, rooted in this contradiction: we feel to do something great, eternal, absolute, but our deeds are relative, self-centered, short-term. No one can be happy, in a true sense, in a life like this.

When we look around in our planet Earth, even back to the history we remember, there was never ever any peaceful time since the dawn of the civilizations…

Should we be hopeless then?

The time we understand the meaning of absolute love, will be the beginning of our journey to a new realm, the life of unchanging, eternal values.

The ethic of a man is acceptable when points, guides towards this direction, supporting day and night.

Let’s think of it, since our thinking will determine our understanding and this way our actions – either to perish us or to build the life of never-existed-always-longed peace, harmony, welfare.



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