Reassessing the Contemporary World

The natural world around us and our societies are suffering daily violence and injury. With each passing day, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat become more polluted.

Despite advances of science and the increasing convenience of daily life, we find increasing cause for despair. If humanity in the twenty-first century continues to place itself outside the fundamental principles of God, who created the universe, we will no longer be able to exist as master of the planet earth. Closer human relations, even if some may not want them, are necessary for the future of humanity.

We are entering the age of “one global family,” in which we will have no choice but to live in much closer proximity to those whose religions, nationalities, and skin colors are different from our own. In such a world, we will need to develop a genuine acceptance for life-styles around us. It will be impossible for any individual or group to selfishly choose to possess their own separate haven. Humanity must no longer despoil nature for its own selfish purposes but must utilize and develop nature in accordance with the larger purposes of the world community and future generations.

What will be the underlying order of this new age and new society, and how are we to raise up the constructive members of such a global society? This question can only be answered in terms of the order of God’s Creation, with the discipline of love as its central axis.

Reassessing the Contemporary World
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 23, 1991

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