Submit to God’s re-creation

The created beings waited for God to make them. They had no idea what they were going to be. When it is about to be created, a being does not have a preference for its type of existence. It is just obedient to whatever its creator will make of it. Likewise, you should not have any concept of what you will be. The potter molds the clay in whatever way he thinks best. You should have the expectant attitude of the clay. The one who is subject always invests a lot of sweat and work into his creation; nothing is produced automatically. The minus must be absolutely open to the plus; if the minus position holds on to its own ideas, it negates much of the plus position’s ideas. I cannot submit my work to the criticism of Harvard University graduates or other so-called educated persons. Like a nursing baby, you need to drink my words; like milk, they are the best nourishment to enable you to grow up healthy.

Reflect back on how often you have complained. People who complain, do so out of ignorance. When you complain, you are acting like a cousin of Satan. How many of you can say you have no relationship with Satan? When God is re-creating something and the satanic world rises up in protest, God pretends there is no revolt and perseveres in silence. The raw material should not have its own idea about its destiny; it just keeps silent and waits. God lets religious people experience this kind of revolt so they won’t do the same thing to God. Persecution is not necessarily bad, then, from this point of view. Opposition becomes the raw material of re-creation. Higher levels of unity

Our mind and body are separated and engage in almost continuous struggle. The body should follow the mind all the time, but that does not always happen. Satan gets hold of the body and makes it a plus; the mind was originally the plus, so the two pluses repel each other. The only way for a person to become united which we must do at any cost is for the body to always listen to the mind.

The person whose mind and body have become one is ready to create a higher plus in this case, by marrying. Such a family will gather together and act as a minus to the tribe, which is a higher plus, and make unity with it. The united tribe will be in the minus position to the nation, which is the higher plus. Eventually, the united nation will become one with the world, and the united world will become one with the spirit world and God. God is the king of the universe. His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, were prince and princess. Their offspring, numbering in the millions, were to be born as princes and princesses of God Himself. Through true love, we become completely one within ourselves and one with God. Through this love relationship, we are a part of God. That means we are princes and princesses of God, the great king. Human beings don’t have any ideals that are not meant to be attained. All our ideals are to be attained through the process of restoration and through true love. We all desire to be unified individuals and to achieve a united family, a united clan, a united nation, and a united world. These are legitimate human desires. Of course, the standard of the fallen world is self-centeredness, but in the principled world of God, we were each supposed to attain these desires.

True Parents and Blessed Couples
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993

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