God’s Ideal

As I Can See

As human beings created by God, we were born with the hope of attaining the ideal world. When we say “ideal world,” we should know that the concept of the ideal originates from God. God did not create the world of power, glory or wealth. God has no desire for these. However, it would not be right to say that God has no desires at all. God exists as the embodiment of true love. The motivation for God’s creation is true love, and God’s desired object is a true person. Even God has to have a relationship in order to experience love. True love can be experienced only through a relationship between “a subject and an object.” No isolated being can experience love. Only beings capable of freely giving and receiving are able to engage in loving relationships. God created human beings to become the perfect object of His love…

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The Nature of the Conscience

As I Can See

In the course of history, there have been many religions and religious leaders. Yet those who believed in those religions and in those leaders could not totally control their bodies and deny themselves. They could not liberate the conscience and position it to relate with God on the original basis. We sinful people did not become true olive trees. Instead, we became wild olive trees, with our roots in false love. Man should have had his roots in God’s true love, yet we established roots in Satan’s love. How are we going to solve the problem of being wild olive trees, instead of true ones? This remains an inescapable, extremely crucial task, which we must fulfill.

If you study yourself, you will notice that your conscience knows everything about you. Your conscience is closer to you than are your own parents. It desires to possess eternal love and to be…

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Whose parent is He?

As I Can See

So, whose parent is He?

Is He the parent of mine, yours, or whose, specifically?

In the whole known and recently rediscovered human history, He was always told, written, expected to be the parent of some kind of denominations, certain ‘prophetic’ religious groups, races, nations. He was declared as the ‘supporter’ of selfishness backed ‘public desires’, He was named and titled in several ways and positions. However, new and new explanations, revelations were found and revealed, suggesting a misunderstood previous ‘version’ of Him.
Although, He might never changed, we, humans always wanted to see Him as our aims required, some of us silently, some of us conquering the world.

Is the African tale of Fidi Mukulu differs so much from the oriental creation-stories?
Is anyone still can believe, that Muslims, Jews, Christians have different Creator?

Putting aside the self-inducted, historical, political, economical, media explanations, what…

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Ultimate purpose

As I Can See

No matter how powerful a king of some nation may be, if he is all by himself in the palace, he is a miserable man. He’s got to have a queen; without a queen, he cannot even think of having a family. All people were meant to be educated about the purpose of life, to grow up centered upon God and to be unified in marriage, leading to a fulfilling life. For what ultimate purpose? The ultimate goal is joy. God will be joyful, creation will be joyful, spirit world will be joyful; everything will be joyful. But the word “joyful” will never be fulfilled unless man and woman come together in unified and harmonious give and take.

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1985

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