We are homeless

As I Can See

We are all homeless.

We might have a shelter, can name a country where we were born.

However, we all do have an unexplanable longing, a desire to return somewhere. To a place, what arts try to describe, portraying many different ways. Religions tend to say we must go, but where? How does it look like? What can we do there?

We are freezing in our loneliness, we are aliens among each other. Our everlasting moments always change to relative time and space.

We are all lost and homeless, many of us even without recognizing the very fact.

We talk about hope and future. We are lack of clear understandings.

Heavenly Parent is an absolute being. Absolute in His love towards the Creation, towards us. Can an Absolute love a Relative? An Unchanging Heart a Ceaselessly Waivering?

We must change to love, to live, to inherit and to bequeth.

Watch the…

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