Children’s love

As I Can See

Bed, after reading evening Scriptures, praying and holy song, a little girl embraces her father tightly:

“Daddy, do you know whom I love the most?”
“Tell me, my little one.”
“Mummy and You!”
“And your brother, too, don’t you?”
“Daddy, do you know whom I love really the very most? Jesus and Heavenly Father…”

And the little girl laid on the chest of her father, and fell asleep in silent prayers for others.

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

Joshua Dragon

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Ethical behaviour

As I Can See

Ethic seems to be the greatest abstract standard what we tend to put onto our banners whenever we want to have a good reason to elevate our concepts into the pedestal of relative righteousness.

Superiority, what is based on others’ limited appreciation, is nothing else but arrogance, and its existential irritancy naturally blocks the path of mutual understanding, acceptance and daring to say: love.

Although, we do have concepts in every aspects of our lifespan, starting with time and space, purposes and approaches, it is undeniably true, without energy, we cannot be prosperous, vivid, achieving. Since every single being can only exist based on give and take actions when one gives, forgetting it and giving again, the other responds with acceptance and action, both are without expectations to receive anything in return, and this process, generating energy for existence and multiplication is repeated on and on, for the mutual benefit…

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The Mindset Needed to Become Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

As I Can See

We who are in the last days, for us who face the day of the judgment, the problem is not the accomplishment, glory or ideals that we have, but seeking the true self, centering on the mind. When the time comes, the internal truth will surely reveal itself, and the internal life and love will manifest on this earth without fail.

Human beings, until now, have been ignorant, unable to distinguish the truth, true life and true love. Because they do not have any other solution, they try to proceed based on their understanding, try to feel things with the senses of life they possess, and to figure things out with the love that they possess, but they have not been successful in making the distinction. Similarly, when truth, life and love appear on earth in the last days, human beings will repeat the same thing. With such methods, the…

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The Standard for the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven: Truth, Life and Love

As I Can See

There is nothing on the earth that can push out the life and love of God. Moreover, the closer we come to the truth, the more we are intoxicated in the truth, the more that truth will become the center which cannot be snatched from us. Even if the earth is put through confusion many thousand times, even if the universe is destroyed, those who have firmly established that center in their minds will never change and never be affected.

However, if you have not made the preparations in your minds to receive that center, then no matter how great a truth appears before you, you will not be able to recognize it. Even if true life appears, you will not recognize it; even if true love appears, you will not recognize it. From this point of view, we can understand that, if Christianity today wants to find the truth…

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On Serving Others

As I Can See

When one friend serves ten friends, they will come to him as the leader in service. Likewise, when one country serves other countries, then that country will be the leader of all other countries. This is not a temporary situation. Eternally they will want that nation to be the leading nation. If you build big schools and houses in Africa and let them live like you live, then how the world will be changed. Then there will be no fighting because they will come and bow before you and respect you. In order for America to live and prosper, there is no other way than to give out, to give aid to foreign countries. Everything goes in cycles. After spring, summer comes; after summer, autumn comes; then winter; then spring; then summer; and then autumn. If you go up, you must come down. Man cannot go up and up and…

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