Sincerity and Indemnity

You must know that you should not allow Satan to invade in important tasks that you must accomplish for the future. Nor, should you allow the chosen people to be expelled from their respective positions. In order to keep away from these possibilities, you must indemnify all the evil elements beforehand, while putting yourself in the position of being willing to receive indemnity in order to rid yourself of all elements regarding evil and sins.

This is why you must always give your utmost sincerity. When you want to offer your sincerity, you cannot do it while you casually conduct your life eating and sleeping. It is absolutely impossible to offer your sincerity when you are in the position of having all you want to eat, sleep as much as you want and wear clothing that you enjoy wearing. For this reason, preparing to face an important event, you must put yourself in the position to conduct a showdown with God. You must be prepared to be hit beforehand. If God does not punish you, you should even initiate to punish yourself, on your own. If you get punished, what would happen? You will place yourself as the object to God. This is the principle of restoration by which God advanced throughout history.

The Path of Indemnity that We Must Go
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1967

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