A true, unchanging definition of freedom

Freedom is a fashionable word today, but when you dig down to the bottom of it, people really are talking about selfishness. When ten people talk about freedom, there are already ten different boundaries and ways of thinking. Today the Western world is degraded because of the abuse of freedom. True freedom comes under the law, with responsibility attached.

People claim that freedom means they can disregard anything that impinges on their way of thinking. They don’t want to recognize society and laws and responsibility. With that kind of attitude, people could even go to the extreme of killing someone who resists or disagrees with them, or stealing from someone because they are hungry. Parents might say they can do anything they want with their children, even kill them, as if they were toys. They would insist that the nation has nothing to say about their lives. People have different meanings in mind when they talk about freedom. For instance, communists talk about freedom; their concept is not of individuality, however, but of the State’s freedom to dominate people. Thus, they say human life is dispensable in serving the cause of the State, and they disregard the individual and the family.

People living in the democracies think that freedom is based on the individual, who should not be interfered with. That is the Western concept. Which side would win in the struggle of these two ideologies for hegemony? Communism is ruthless in pursuing its goals, and since the Western world has no convictions, it retreats before the aggression of the communists.

A true, unchanging definition of freedom is needed which recognizes heaven and God. If in order to fulfill the overall will of God you claim you need freedom, then it has meaning. If God-centered freedom exists, it will be stronger than the communist practice of “freedom”.

All of this talk so far is not the main topic. The Western concept of freedom must be changed. If you draw chains of darkness and sin around you in trying to preserve individual freedom, you will sink down. You must liberate yourself by striving to reach the true entity of the universe. Then you can talk about freedom.


Cross Over The Boundary
Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
June 1, 1980

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