Mirror of Nowhere

As I Can See

Lights are passing by. A city of emptiness shines in the dark of humanity, hiding the vanity of selfish desires and purposeless lives. There is no face in the window I’m looking through. Ahead the mirrors, facing towards each other, reflecting the endless in mighty blur. Numbers sign the seats, some are empty, most are full, which is my number? Am I labelled again? Or still I just don’t know who am I? For long, I had known myself as an alien, a definite extra-terrestrial, an abandoned boy, a body burdened being, a mixture of man and women, a part of God, embodiment all the desires and falsity of all the others’ hopes. Who am I? I was asked, again tonight. I am asked, right now, it is me or someone who claims to be a true self of mine, who am I?

Seeking the holy, seeking the grail, the…

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