Why Does God Bury Himself So Deeply in Our Minds?

Why does God bury Himself so deeply in our minds? Because, in order to go after Him, one must dig down to get to Him and it is such a deep place that no one else is there but oneself and God. You and God are there for the give and take of love; object and subject. Once a subject and object are completely united, they become welded together. Once your sharp, meticulous mind comes to the point of being welded to God, nothing can separate you. At that point, the mind feels totally complete and fulfilled. Consider the plus and minus of the electrical circuit; they long for each other intensely and when they come together, it makes a big spark. But afterwards they are a closed circuit, fulfilled and seeking no more.

Victory Of Home Church
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1982

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