The True Faithful Believer Who Must Propagate the Words of Truth

We of humankind have the original nature that has God at its center. The human mind, which has the original quality created by God, always resembled the mind of Heaven’s nature, so that humanity wishes to have it as their standard of truth. Humankind always wishes to possess the truthful character.

By restoring such an original mind, we must look at the mind and the body of Jesus, listen to his words and then uphold these as the center of our minds and bodies. Further, through this, by becoming an existence who represents Jesus, we must become the people who propagate the words Jesus was spreading throughout the world of death. You must know that Heaven has come looking for those people who have the mouth and tongue to propagate the words of Jesus like this.

Today humankind says first one thing and then the opposite. Since humankind utters contradicting words with one mind, dispensational history is trying to eliminate this and to restore them into people who speak with one tongue. If you lead your day to day life throughout your lifetime without change and with self-confidence that you represent God in speaking His words and you represent Jesus, speaking with his Shim Jung and his life, then there will not be any accusations from Satan. What is more, you will also competently overcome the temptations of Satan.

Today, therefore, we who are facing the final days must become the truthful members of faith who can attest to the words of truth. In other words, you must be substantially able to attest to the words through which you can be in union with God for the 6,000 year history, which God has taught us through many prophets and sages. Furthermore, this is not individualistic but comprehensive; Jesus and the Holy Spirit have propagated this by laboring for the past 2,000 years. You must spread the words of God, which can start the history of recreation.

If there is such a true person, God and Jesus will be with him or her. Billions of faithful believers will welcome the words, and the people who adore Heaven will also automatically follow the words with the help of the spiritual world. What is more, if there is someone who upholds the words as eternal and as the greatest words in life and propagates them at the risk of his or her life with an immutable Shim Jung (heart), then as long as God does not disappear and as long as Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the billions of faithful believers do not disappear, that person will definitely achieve the history of recreation on this earth under their divine protection. Therefore, we must now realize that the words Jesus spoke are not only applicable to 2,000 years ago. Why then does Jesus feel bitter? The nearer the final days get, and the sooner the judgment day comes, the more Jesus wishes humanity to duplicate his attitude. He came to restore the humanity of the world and to go through the course of sacrifice to move to God’s side. However, humanity does not understand Jesus’ mind and by living as it pleases, it is taken to the place of darkness and is being led off to the judgment seat. Upon seeing this, Jesus feels indescribably sad.

Therefore, by experiencing the internal Shim Jung (heart) of Jesus, who is watching over you with a more sorrowful viewpoint than when he came to finalize the providential salvation 2,000 years ago, you must become the true person who propagates his words about the historical collective dispensation to all humankind in his place. He did not have a chance to explain about all this. You must understand that Jesus ardently wishes for the emergence of a true person who will propagate the words of truth in his place.

Feeling really sad about not having had a chance to speak about being the embodiment of the words of heavenly principle, Jesus is coming to look for true Christians who will propagate the words of truth to humanity for God and the Holy Spirit. Humankind does not know about the frightening outcome of judgment. Because God, too, wishes for all humankind to copy Jesus’ example and through him to be embraced in the bosom of His love, He has labored throughout the long history.

Let Us Be the Ones Jesus Wants
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 17, 1957

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