I pray for You, Father!

I pray for You, Father!

Not because I’m entitled to do so

and not because I’m arrogant,

I know it well, how graceful You are

still accepting me.

I am praying for You,

because I don’t know how long

you can bear the pain I’m constantly giving You

with my careless, obnoxious selfishness,

unprincipled desires,

thoughtless words

and deeds.

I would be crashed in an instant

being You even for a moment.

I do not want to give You pain anymore,

I would like You to feel free

and joyous

whenever You think of me.

Looking at my life, the way I see it,

I hardly can tell, how You can still trust me,

never giving up on me.

Yet, I believe in You, I trust You with my most valuables,

my children and wife, leading them back to You –

I can not be doubt in me, since You have never stepped back from me…

Father, You are great and eternal, gracious and everloving, seeing the absolute good in me.

I long for the day to be like You!



(from the book: Pray with me)

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