Let go of the past

How many time has Heavenly Parent thought to let go of the past?

Though He is omnipotent, He is the most vulnerable in the realm of love – and the Ideal was corrputed, long ago.

So many believes nowadays, there must have been some kind of flaw in the Creation, or it is a mere concept never to reach. Some even says, the balance requires bad, too…

Looking at the Nature, the real harmony, the structures and flows behind every movement, relationship, connection we can see the patterns. One of the most fundamental is to live for the higher purpose, for the unity of the two the one forgets about oneself and through this volunteer way, living for the sake of others, the one will gain even more what he or she gave at first. If we have no expectations to receive anything in return, since we realize we can only complete ourselves when we act for someone else with the right mindset and attitude, we will be Blessed by Heavenly Parent, the Nature and the people aorund.

Even if we can not see the development directly, all the good deeds will come back to us in a higher, more mature level changing and altering our future for the better. No good deeds will ever be forgotten.

As the tree protects the bush from the heat, the bush protects the tree with keeping more water in the soil. And together they can offer a shelter to several different lifeforms, who fertilize the area to let the tree and the bush be more complete.

This can be applied in human relationships, too. It should be applied.

Can God, our eternal Heavenly Parent forget He was betrayed, He is being called in names, He has been ridiculed and basically kicked out from the life of His supposed to be children?

No, He can’t.

He is the one with the greatest heart and mind, He is the one to suffer the most…

…but He also wishes to be happy, the happiest in the world, since He is the most capable to do that, too.

He forgives. He will never forget since He has the greatest memory in the Universe.

He will forgive since He has the greatest ability to do that. Even if He has been betrayed and made suffer for thousands, tens of thousands of years, He will forgive in a moment and be the most joyous when any of us say: Sorry, I was wrong. Many things I made were wrong, I realize now, and so many I can’t even think of, I most probably failed. I’m sorry. I will do better, I will grow, with Your guidance and help. You have always supported me and my family, despite all the failures You have never left. Please, stay and witness how I will become a better person who can manifest the core of the Universe, the patterns You show me in the living study book called Nature. I will be as great as I meant to be, beyond my own concepts and beliefs. You’ve trusted me, now I will trust You. Let me grow, and please, help me in that. If there is pain on the path, please, give me comfort, when there is happiness let me share my joy with You! Let me surprise You to become a fully grown, mature person, a responsible, caring one, who can and will inherit Your heart, Father! Come with me in this journey, let’s start and re-start together, as long as it takes, I will never let You go! I will let the past go, but not You! Stay, please stay and be the meaning of my everydays! Protect my children and their future and let me be your instrument in that! I can be the masterplan, for You and for the people in the world, for the whole Creation. I trust You, so I can trust this will work. Join me Father in the light, join my Father in the night! And if I fail, I will stand up again and find a better way. I will persevere. I will persevere, because of You, Father. You are my Father! You are my Father!


This way God, our Heavenly Parent will let the past go and we will be able to do so, too.

Say the prayer loud, maybe more than once.

He is there. Waiting for you, waiting for us.

Let’s go to Him!



Joshua Dragon

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