Isn’t it interesting?

Has it ever happened to you, that you did something what you had known was wrong?

Yet, despite every wisdom you had just did it?

I guess, this is a mindset trick we all have in ourselves, hidden or in plain-sight. Sometimes we tend to repeat our own, kind of boring failures day by day, sometimes we feel we have overcome them – up until the bitter moment when we realize we just did it again. Oops.

Do you remember that feeling what swallowed you and made you start to doubt and question even your own existence?

Do you recall the unexplainable fear?

All this are not from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Since He always wants to give us the best, He won’t be the obstacle for our own happiness and struggle to grow. He will never push us down and make us feel worthless. He will always uplift and embrace us. His heart is such that He will comfort us even when we cause pain to Him. All these, because His desire is to see us the same like Him, in a way better than Him. We are His love objects, His partners, His family. And He always wants us to feel good and be better, staying strong in heart, healthy in mind and body.

The feeling of guilt, the self-accusation is not from Heavenly Parent but from us, from deep inside. Our immature self judges us, ruthlessly.

Although, it sounds harsh to say we are not only good, we contain bad elements, too – this is just logical. At least seeing our own life we’ll know and understand the reason behind.

For Heavenly Parent the flaws do not matter, since He knows, as the vast Universe, we all need to grow and learn and be more mature, complete. However, sin is a different thing, it is what we all know or surmise we should not do. Yet, how often we are willingly take the risk and for a false and temporary while we tend to forget and throw away everything. Lust, comfort, pettiness, anger, hatred, stuffing, swill – all the selfishness in the world can be our present and reality in an instant. That matters, since that is the farthest from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Isn’t it interesting we can hurt and we do so whom we love?

Isn’t it interesting?



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