The most important qualification of God

The most important qualification of God is that He is the common Parent of all mankind. When we speak of mankind, we are speaking of millions of different variations, types and levels of people. Being the Father for all mankind, black, white, yellow, easterners, southerners, men, women, this is not easy. Think about the women’s world: both Eastern and Western, women like to talk a lot. God, as their common Father, has to listen to all their chattering. He decided that His best response to all the talking was simply silence. If He tried to answer back all the conversations, He would have worn out His lips a long time ago!

There are all kinds of people in the world-rich, poor, well-educated, ignorant, tall, short, sick people, suffering people. God must be the Father to all of them. All individuals, whether joyful or suffering, are trying to find some communication with their common parent, God. The Parent has to try to answer each individual and to meet his needs so that all can be satisfied.


The Vibration Of True Love
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 1982

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