All the anger and resentments

Isn’t it strange, when you do your best to love the people closer to you and farther away, and choose to change yourself, surrender your own desires hoping it will bring a brighter day for the world around, suddenly you are trembled upon, torn apart by careless words and others’ selfish deeds, shaking all your beliefs and intentions?

It’s not righteous and you feel it.
It’s destructive, you know it in your bone-marrow.
It’s a poison and you feel you are suffocating.
It’s a trap and you can’t seem to find the end of the maze.

Though emotions should be guided by intellect, it is just the whole situation which makes you powerless. And you come to the point you don’t want to do this any more. You’ve tried your best, your utmost effort, risked everything just for others and the ideal – but the excruciating pain is too much to bear, better to walk away and live without all this nonsense. After all, you are not the messiah…

This is the crossroad, where both sides, goodness and evil are watching you, not saying anything.
It is only up to you to recognize how Heavenly Parent has lived and how He acted throughout the human history, throughout your own life. It is also up to you to stay human of this world and era, embracing the ever changing values and ideas.

No one will judge you.
No one will tell you what to do.
No one will say where to go to.
No one will whisper you wisdoms.

If you have come so far, that means the answers are already in you.

And you can change all the angers and resentments into Blessings for others through sacrifice and care and compassion and love.
And you can also let yourself to be stuck in the mud of the broken hearts.

Everything is up to you.

If you have come so far, you already know the answers.

Everything is up to you.


-Joshua Dragon-

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