The Centre of All Things

Everything is connected to the love of God. Every creature on earth says to love, “Please come and dwell with us.” Love does not have any particular dwelling place, nor any particular direction – but amazingly it becomes the centre of all things. This is its secret.

You always find true love in the very centre. You must not forget this concept. When you look at something, wherever your attention goes first becomes the focus or centre – and that is where true love dwells.

Let’s say there are 360 closed doors in a circle. Only love has the power to open them all at once. Were it not for love, even God would have to go around opening them one by one. When your husband comes home, it doesn’t matter which door he enters. You won’t say, “You can’t come in the back door, just use the front door.” When your loved one is coming home, every door is open to him, isn’t that so? Even if a big man who looks fearful – rough and dirty like a beast – is touched by true love, he blossoms like a flower. He smiles and shines with the beauty of true love. If you are intoxicated by true love, there is nothing you cannot do.

In true love, the lower your position, the better. This is because the lowest position can best complement the highest position. The truly virtuous king is the one who loves not only his cabinet members or his ministers but also those who are the lowest, poorest, and most miserable. A good king must be able to harmonize with even an old lady in the countryside.


We Shall Live In the Original Homeland
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 1987

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