Why people hate each other?

It’s never easy to accept

when somebody is different

raising question in ourselves

whether we are immatured enough

and if not we rather project

our fears and low self-esteem

onto those who never meant

to harm or challenge us

so we create enemies

feeling it’s easier to hate

rather than immerse and learn

be aware, loving, conscious


Who would come to say

another path leads to great

caring, mutual, compassionate

vivid and sustainable life?


When Jesus came He had to die

even for the disciples to see

He was not fooling around

but leading the way

to eternity.


How many times God came to see us

to say, show and mostly enlight?


Where are all the efforts we put

into our lives lead us to?


Is it a mere daydream to see

we are more at least we are meant to be?


It’s easier to hate

since that’s our tradition

instead of growing

pushing everyone else down

so we can see ourselves as kings

in our minisculity.


That’s not the way how our Parent

wants our life to be a Blessing.



Joshua Dragon

Why Human Beings Seek to Become Beings of Higher Value

It is true that the people who live in this world wish to see improvement around them. They cherish a certain hope, even if they are not consciously aware of it. It is true that they seek to become beings of a higher level of value in the future than they are now.

Such a human proclivity will continue as history flows. It was the case in the past, it is the case in the present, and it will be the case in the future. When you think of this matter, you come face to face with the very important question of when the ideal world we seek will come.

We know that there were thoughtful people in the past. However, the environment or the society, the state or the world in which they lived could not satisfy their desire. When we think of this, we can deduce that there were people throughout the periods of history who gave a lot of thought to surmounting their environment and developing it into a higher dimension, a future world of hope.

It is the same now and it will be the same in the future. Why are we so? Why must we seek to attain the ideal of the future like this? It is because human beings did not have an ideal start from the very beginning. Because human beings could not start from an ideal position, they cannot but go toward the ideal. That is the natural conclusion.

Why couldn’t we start from the ideal position? If we had become more valuable beings than our original state, then we would have started from an ideal position. Why, then, couldn’t we begin ideally? What was the reason? All the people of the past, present and future picture the ideal in their minds. If God created human beings with love, He should have enabled them to go from an ideal starting position to a place of better and higher happiness, yet He didn’t. What was the reason? Considering these matters, we cannot help but think that there is some aspect of failure here.

From this point of view, if God existed as the center of an absolute ideal, He would have wanted to help human beings become thus. Human beings were not to assume such a position right from birth. If human beings came to be in such a position after a process, even though they are not that way from the start, we can accept God as good. If, on the contrary, human beings were left in a position where they were forever yearning for this ideal yet never got past the start, then we cannot help but conclude that God cannot be our ideal center.

Human beings are in a position to yearn for such things as goodness, ideals and happiness because, while they go through the prescribed process, they have not yet been able to emerge from it. In this sense, we cannot but recognize such terminology as the Fall, which religious people use. When we apply such a term as the Fall and acknowledge that it occurred, then we understand these matters. Why is it so? It is because people are in the fallen realm.

Our human ancestors fell right at the place where they could have made an ideal start, having already gone over a certain period. They were facing the time of the ideal. Yet because they fell from that state, none of their descendants could surmount and rise above that standard. Therefore, the original standard which we must go over with hope for the future still remains to be achieved. The action of our conscience, that is, our original nature, is moving toward that original standard at all times, even when we are not aware of it.

For instance, let’s take the case of a magnet. The strongly positive magnetic force of one magnet orients itself unconsciously toward the negative magnetic force of another magnet. The same type of action takes place in our minds or in the constitution of our original nature.


The Central Figure And The Transitional Period
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 1976

The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world

It is in the family that our pure true love grows and is perfected. The true family is the initial stage on which the different types of love, between true parents, true husbands and wives, true children and true brothers and sisters are put into practice and jointly grow to fruition.

The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world, for it is here that we learn about God’s true love through the love of true parents; it is here that we are trained by means of the true love of true brothers and sisters to acquire a universal love for the true nation, true world and all humanity.

Not only that, but the true family is the basic unit of historical linkage, for it is through true love being handed down from parent to child that the generations of the past, present and future are linked together in a consistent value system.


Youth for the True Family, Nation and World
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 27-30, 1997

The unchanging quality of love

As I Can See

The love between parents and children is closer to the qualification of the truth that is, unchanging and everlasting than the love between husband and wife. And in that love between the parents and children, the love going from the parent to the child is much closer to that quality of truth than the love going from the child to the parent. The love going from the parent to child is the trunk line of love, the central point which does not change from age to age. In order to become a recipient of this unchanging love of the parent, the child should also become a person who can give unchanging love. His love will be manifested in the form of obedience to his parents. If the child has a willing heart of voluntary obedience to his parents, then the parents and child can be united.

Can true love be…

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