You must become universal

All your surroundings belong to the universe. Unless you make yourself a universal being and become tied to the universal cause, God, you must realize that all nature around you will not want to be possessed by you or be of service to you. You must become their subject first by making yourself a universal being who is connected to the original cause. Then you are in a position to care for, love, and enjoy the universe. If you make yourself a universal being, connected to the fundamental origin of the universe, then the sun-rays will want to come and warm your body. Water will want to get into your mouth and air will want to go into your lungs.

When nature is willing to serve you, that air, water and sunshine are far better than any tonic or medicine. The person who deserves the honour of the service of all nature will not catch colds or be seriously ill; he will be healthy for his entire life. Would you like to be someone recognized by the world as a worldwide person? What if you are clumsy, tall and very ugly? Even then you still have the right to become a person respected worldwide by making yourself into a universal man and by connecting yourself to the original subject of the universe.

Let us say that among several friends you have one who is always giving you a hard time, continuously nagging you to pay more attention to him. When you look at that person his face is ugly, always trying to snap at you, complaining that you do not pay enough attention to him. Such a person would come to you and then turn around and kick you. Would you want to be around him?

Compare that kind of relationship to your relationship with the universe. There are two kinds of people. Some continuously nag, “Why didn’t the sun come out today? Why is the world so dirty? Why couldn’t God make me happier?” Such people have only complaints toward God and nature. Will nature like them? Nature will turn around and kick them instead. Such people may try to make themselves happy by going to the health spa and exercising, but everywhere they go they will be surrounded by enemies; the air will shove them, the water slap them, and the sunshine bum them. That kind of person will never be healthy.

The entire natural world has but one universal mind, and as a result the relationship between you and nature should be thought of as the relationship between you and your neighbour. What makes your friend happy or unhappy? Your answer directly applies to your relationship with nature.

Why did our ancestors not leave us a clean, pure heritage? Why did they leave us an evil history? The answer can only be that they did not obey the universal law of service, that they violated the divine law of the universe, desiring to make everything serve them: “The world is mine and must come to serve me.” That basic attitude is the worst violation of universal law.

In order to become lords of creation we must possess universal character and comply with universal law, meaning that we must become unselfish people, existing solely for service to others. We all want to become recognized as a centre of the world, recognized by the universe. In order to do that we ourselves must recognize the value of the universe; we must live in the concept that we are here solely to serve the world. Unless you have that personality you certainly cannot become a central person of the world or the universe.

God is the centre of the universe, the spirit world and physical world together, because He is perfect and exists solely for the sake of others. By living in that way God is making Himself the centre of the universe. I am sure you understand.

We come to the one absolute criterion: Those who serve themselves, trying to take everything for their own benefit, will produce only evil results. Those who willingly and lovingly give for the benefit of others will bring wholesome results, and add benefit to the side of good. What kind of persons were your ancestors? By only thinking about themselves and their own families, they did not expand their personality to the national or worldwide levels.

No matter what you have previously learned, regardless of how good or well-spoken a person may appear, if he seeks to use everything for his own benefit he is evil. The person who thinks of the difference between his own children and other children is not a universal person; if his children are universal beings then all other children are also universal beings. His wife is precious because she is a universal being; therefore all other women are also important and precious. In this respect we have not liberated the selfishness of our egos. That godly way of life has not been clear.

Who Was I?
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 13, 1977

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