The origin of the Heavenly Kingdom is the family

“The origin of the Heavenly Kingdom is the family. You have to turn the family the other way round, based on true love. Even in the family, the second generation has to get into action. Young people are being destroyed by the day. They have been cornered in a hotbed of drugs. Shot by the devil’s arrows, they indulge themselves with abandon in premarital sex. Gathering from every village, young people will band together to assist the police in the elimination of evil gangs in the community. If scoundrels appear in the village, the time has come for the second generation to shoulder the responsibility to drive them away and to educate the villagers, together with their parents. Your family now becomes one of hope. Those preparing to meet the coming of an ideological world where the foundation of peace can be expanded from your own family to the world are sagacious citizens who can receive abundant blessings in the future.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

God’s Ideal

As I Can See

As human beings created by God, we were born with the hope of attaining the ideal world. When we say “ideal world,” we should know that the concept of the ideal originates from God. God did not create the world of power, glory or wealth. God has no desire for these. However, it would not be right to say that God has no desires at all. God exists as the embodiment of true love. The motivation for God’s creation is true love, and God’s desired object is a true person. Even God has to have a relationship in order to experience love. True love can be experienced only through a relationship between “a subject and an object.” No isolated being can experience love. Only beings capable of freely giving and receiving are able to engage in loving relationships. God created human beings to become the perfect object of His love…

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The Quality in Our Life

Our lives require variety. You eat one thing for breakfast and then another type of food for lunch and dinner. You don’t want to live just on bagels and cream cheese; you know you need other types of food as well. Furthermore, we don’t want to be confined just to the earth’s surface; we want to experience flying in the air and diving under the water. We want to live the way our imaginations direct us.

Just look at the way the human head is placed on the neck. It has tremendous flexibility; in fact, a man can turn his head and shoulders and can see everything around him, encompassing 360 degrees.

Imagine that you could ask a direct question to your hand, saying, “You are not such a beautiful thing by yourself but your purpose is to touch other things. Out of all the things in the world, what would you most like to touch?” The simple answer that hand would give is, “I want to touch the things which are the most valuable.” Ask your eyes, which are always rolling around looking at things, “Why are you so busy?” The eyes would answer, “I’m always looking for the things which are good and valuable.” Another busy part of the face is the mouth, it is always moving. That mouth wants to be able to express the most valuable feelings. Likewise, your feet want to move toward things of greatest value.

Each of you has a mind but you can’t tell me how it looks, or even where it is located in space. Your mind would have the same goal as the other parts of you, to experience things of value.

We can observe other people doing things and we may not see any underlying principle that guides their actions. However if we really examine it, we can find the center and guiding purpose of a person’s life. A person will base his entire life, his actions and everything, on the central value in his life.

Suppose we asked an average woman what she is living for. She would answer that she seeks value in life. The same is true of any man, no matter how high or low in human society. Every person would say that he is seeking greater and greater value in life.

If we asked a saintly woman, “Is there something of more value than even yourself?” she would reply, “A saintly man.” Likewise, the saintly man would consider the saintly woman as having greater value than himself. Do you think that is a silly answer or a correct one? Is a woman’s appearance the factor that gives her more value to a man than himself? What makes the saintly man value the saintly woman so much? That woman has the love within herself which the man needs. It is the quality of her love for him that makes the saintly man value her. The reverse is true as well.

Where does love originate in the very beginning? When we answer that question, all other questions about life and love between men and women are answered. Where love is, man and woman are bound to be as well. We might ask how many kinds of love there are. Does a grandfather feel a different kind of love from his son or his grandson? Can we classify people’s love according to the color of their skin? No, love is the same for all people. The same principle guides love for black people, yellow people and white people. This is the truth, without exception.

What if the love that a man and a woman need was dispersed in every direction-north, south, east and west? It would be very difficult. However, love exists in absolutely one direction. That means if you are going in that direction, you cannot retreat.

We can give a clear example of this principle in the relationship between a man and a woman. Once a man has found his love in his wife, he exists in relationship with her for her entire life, without ever retreating. Once he starts to pursue her as his object, he never stops.

Another example is your eyes. You would never think about exchanging them with another person just to see something differently. How about your mind? Would you ever imagine exchanging the way you think with someone else? It’s impossible!

Since we can never exchange our eyes or our minds with another, it stands to reason that we can never exchange our spouses. A person’s spouse is more valuable than even oneself; therefore, one cannot change spouses at whim. Those of you here are mostly blessed couples and some of you have started your families. Is your spouse pleasant to behold or do you hate to look at him or her? It is possible that someone may feel that he doesn’t even want to look at his or her spouse but the crucial question to ask is whether or not your spouse is truly the genuine one for you. If there is something untrue-not genuine-about that spouse, then you indeed have a problem.

Suppose we had a lump of 24-carat gold and a piece of sculpture of George Washington, also made of 24-carat gold. The lump is very rough and dull, as if someone had retrieved it from a trash can. Suppose both items weighed the same, say one pound. Which has more value? In terms of the gold, they both have the same value. But then let’s say that the ugly lump weighed .3 pounds more than the sculpture. Which would be worth more money then? It would be the ugly lump because it weighed more. We are not so much concerned about how gold looks or what shape it is in, but rather about its quality and whether it is truly 24-carat or not.

We could also compare the value of two people, a pretty woman and a plain woman for example. Suppose the plain woman had more truthfulness and genuineness. We must have a discerning eye, capable of telling the difference between people. We must be able to see when a person has more quality than another, even though that person might be physically less attractive than others. The person who may seem to be more appealing may not have the same quality.

It is true that the woman who has a less beautiful appearance often tends to have more love within her than a woman who is extremely beautiful. Perhaps you men might say, “I would like a good quality woman who is also beautiful!” However, chances are that you cannot have both; it is either/or. There is a Korean adage that says, “There is no truly blessed woman who is beautiful.”

When a woman is beautiful in her youth she will often try to maintain her beauty even after it is gone. She may also continue to be boastful and aggressive as she was when she was young and beautiful. When such a woman approaches, people are diminished by her. On the contrary, the woman who is just average-looking will not be obsessed by her looks but will focus upon her internal beauty. Everything is relative if a woman has one quality, she won’t have the other and vice-versa.

There are all kinds of men: different shapes, sizes, colorings, different types of character and personality, and so forth. Who receives the beautiful woman and the not-so beautiful woman? The man who matches the beautiful woman will receive her, likewise with the not-so-beautiful woman. However, the most important quality of any person is his or her truthfulness. The value of a person is determined by how genuine he or she is.

Within a kingdom there are many citizens. Some of them are loyal and some only pretend to be loyal, always trying to use the king for their own benefit. In what age group would you expect to find more of the insincere subjects? It is usually older people who have learned how to manipulate and use others. An insincere person might have been quite handsome when he was younger, able to get whatever he wanted. But as he grows older, he would get skinnier and less attractive. Therefore, one can imagine that such people would tend to become the imitation loyal subjects as they got older.

Above all your other qualities, your true love must be genuine. Thus you must look at people and things with your eyes tuned in to true love. Do you look at your spouse with the eyes of genuine love? What percentage of your life do you see your spouse through the eyes of true love? Perhaps only 50% of the time? Or maybe only 10% of the time? You can evaluate yourself if you only look at your spouse with eyes of true love 10% of the time, then you can know that you are 90% impure. You know you have to change if you have that much impurity. Ask yourself seriously how pure you are.

The Purpose Of Life, Coming And Going
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 8, 1984

Let Us Become People Who Can Live with God’s Love

Do you know a place where God is nearest to you? That is the place of repentance. However, as you understand God more, you don’t need to say to Him, “Please forgive me because I committed such and such sins.” Once you repent the fact that you did not know God’s Heart looking over you, everything will be forgiven.

If there is a greater sinner than a prodigal son who wastes all the money of his parents, this is a son who hurts and wounds his parents’ loving hearts. There is no greater sin. If this son cries out while saying, “How can my sin that injured my father’s heart be forgiven?”, then the father will forgive him by saying, “Oh, my son and Oh, my son.” If the fallen parents can do this, God will definitely forgive you.

In general people go to their church and pray, “Please forgive me for I repent for such a such a sin I committed.” However, you rather pray like this, “I dishonored the principle of Heavenly ethic, trampled the sacred relationship between God and human being and violated the relationship between Human and all things of creation. I committed this grave sin that violated all relations of hearts. Please have your way for such a wretched man.” By repenting this way, you may be accepted by Him, and subsequently becoming victorious to be recognized by Heavenly Father, everything will be resolved completely. Heaven definitely visits a person who repents in such way.

Then, what should you do in order to truly repent? First step is for you to set up right direction in your life and put utmost effort to achieve your goals, by repenting daily in your life of faith. God will always listen to the requests from such a person. In fact, since both you and God know what you must do now, ninety percent of your prayer should not asking God about things that you want to do. Rather, 90% of your prayer must be repentance. This is the same as the teaching of Jesus – “Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Repentance has such important value if it is done correctly.

Your goals are already set very high. So you know the days when you cannot reach the goals. When you come to short of achieving them, you must repent on the day by saying, “God, I am sorry for not achieving the goals today. I really wanted to come closer to reaching the goals, but I fail to do it. Please forgive me. Then, I will determine to fulfill them tomorrow.” This is your prayer method…

However, you may need to repent the next day. When you set high goals, you cannot reach them easily, thus, everyday is a day of repentance. But, it is beautiful thing to behold. Each day is a new day and a new beginning. In your journey of life, each and every day is a day of repentance. Such a way of living is so wonderful. This is far better than your proud feeling such as saying “I am a leader. So, I give orders to all people around me.” Thus, life of repentance is much more wonderful.

God never be so proud to say, “Because I am the Almighty God, you people must obey what I say.” Then, how can you so proud to say that you are great, as you are trying to comfort and console God whose heart is filled with sorrow? You have never reached such a position to be proud of yourselves. If you repent daily, even though you don’t realize these points, you are growing. But, if you think you have very high standard and are an exemplary Moonie, it is clear that you are no longer growing. Do you want to go the path of repentance?

I want you to realize that even though you repent throughout your life, you have never liquated your debts. In the path of repentance, each day is a new start. This path is truly your own path of cross. On this path, you only ascend, never descend. Jesus went to mountain alone countless times in order to be away from others, to fast, and to pray with so many tears. Even for Jesus, each and every day was a new beginning of repentance. This is only certain way where you are guaranteed to grow and never stumble.

Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 9
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 8, 1960

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