You are destined for greatness!

Welcome to 2017, in the year of your growing!

All the wonders are waiting for you this year, every day!

Still don’t know how to be constantly happy, maintain lasting joy, not to see the changes as signs of loss and not to feel being beaten by every single challenges in your life?
Good news is here for you: from now on, in each and every day you can be happier and more content than before!
Here are a few ideas how so:

Trust yourself
Your inner voice is a God-given gift, nurture it consciously!
Be conscious and self-aware
You might feel down and being challenged, but that’s OK, feelings are normal. Just don’t let them to take over your life and cloud your sight!
Have compassion
Towards your environment, closer and farther, known and unfamiliar people, and even to yourself. None of us is a robot, our soul is more important than any external achievement!

Live for the sake of others
Especially when you don’t get any feedbacks, or just negativity. Do you think God has ever had any better? Still, He hasn’t given up on you…
Love your life
Instead of focusing the flaws, with a selective attitude, pick the absolute values and keep them in mind, so, you will always have a safe haven throughout your day. It is always good to start with the harmony in the Nature…
And please, never forget, You are not alone.
Despite all the circumstances and internal feelings and bleeding, personal desires and commitments, works and excuses, don’t let yourself being isolated, the lack of unity is the death of the human soul. Be a living person rather than a living dead – connect, reach out with prayers, meditations or at least on-line.

Stay connected!

Joshua Dragon

Questions on Faith and Life

As I Can See

  • How do you think of God, our Heavenly Parent?
  • How do you think of your parents?
  • “Who am I?”
  • Who do you want to be? (dreams, what kind of person you want to be)
  • What do you want to do? (desires, why do you want to do that)
  • What do you want to leave for your descendants?
  • Do you feel good in your everyday life?
  • What are your difficulties?

It might be useful to write the answers in a piece of paper or in a file, and read it, pray over it, meditate, and time to time re-write, and see the differences.

Our life has a definite purpose, even when we are blind towards to it, and on the way, with every moment, breathe, thought, deed we are marching for that, or going further.

It is always better to see it…

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


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